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Contracts are the first line of defense for the coporate structure to gain your signature. Learning what steps to take to guard against signing without reading is important.

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Contract Review and Summary is how Geeks Are Women Too assist individuals, small businesses, and corporate companies to decifer what's in a contract, by reviewing the contract and then sending a short summary.  It's that simple.  Send us your contract and we'll review it, decifer any words or issues in the contract, and then send a detailed summary.  
Our services would be a more reasonable approach, before consulting a lawyer to avoid any pitfalls.  We clarify the opportunity to negotiate your contract before hiring or seeking an attorney. 


Most contracts are one sided which some call it a Unilatteral contract.  Choosing Geeks Are Women Too can help you make the right decsions.  Having a fair choice is how it should be not a forced choice.


Schedule a free 15 minute consult right here on the website. To learn more, check out our free list of contract skillsets that will help you to read before signing a contract.
Contracts are important in business deals, car loans, home loans and more.  Signing a document without reading the fine print or details can be detrimental. It can lead to years of obligation.  
Did you know that you have a right to review a contract before signing? At closing on a property, by law you have at least 3 days to review your contract. Don't be intimidated and fooled by company's that want you to sign away your life immediately.  We recommend our services before paying a lawyer.  Not that you shouldn't use a lawyer, but we can step in and assist before you contact the lawyer to let them find a remedy for you.  Read below the definition of Contract Review & Summary, and  how we can help before going to a lawyer.
How can we help?
Geeks Are Women Too has the ability to assist anyone who needs help with reviewing a contract. We help decifer pitfalls in words, corporations put in place, to get everyday consumers to fall prey to. Read before you sign is not only a must, but everything depends on your signature.  Some consumers are not aware of how their signature can cause an impact financially.  Your everyday signature is a valuable asset that should be used wisely.