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Financial Bookkeeping & Business Planning


Financial Business Planning 

Your Business Should be Financially Planned
Start Your  Business with all the tools you need! Take care of your startup plans, have a bookkeeper, contract specialist,  and design a website
all with our business planning tools.

Whether You're a new Entreprenuer or you have Longevity in Business, we can Plan your Financial Success!

We start with the most important tools needed. We gradually guide your steps to 3 key tools, that will complete the process of building your business.


If you believe you can use this important Financial business plan, view the chart below to help you decide your success.



The 1st Important Tool


Keeping your business tax updated, with tracking your businesses finances, is the most important when starting a business.  Geeks Are Women Too can structure your busines in Quickbooks, the most widely used program for financial organizing.  As a quickbooks Pro Advisor, we keep track of your business with major reports, the reconciliation process, and more. 



Contract Review

The 2nd Important Tool


Whether it's a new vendor or a business venture, we can analyze your contracts and give a detailed written summary.  We keep you informed on how to handle contracts, and how you can benefit from the detailed review services we provide. Knowing that your contract has no pitfalls will help you avoid unecessary changes and hefty prices when it comes to lawyers.  A benefit you can't live without!



Web Design

The 3rd Important Tool


Every business needs a place to live online.  Web deisgn is one of the most important platforms that can bring in more business for your company.  Some of the most successful businesses ensure they have a presence there.  We have a web design platform for hosting, domain name, and email to get you seen immediately. 



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Speak to an advisor today by accepting one of your offers and scheduling your appointment now.   Your business will thank you!