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Why reviewing a contract before signing is 



 4 tools to help guard your signature

Author: Natalie Wilson



When you think about purchasing a new car or new home, a contract will need to be signed.  95% of consumers sign contracts the same day, without requesting more time to review the contract.  Making a huge purchase like a car or home can be intimidating.  Shouldn't we consider what we sign and review the details?  Why is this? 


Mostly, a consumer is in a position that requires immediate action.  Your super charged and excited, or you may feel that reading a contract is time consuming.  It's possible you may not understand the language, but If you feel any of these symptoms, don't worry it's normal.  


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Stop signing on a whim!  Its one way of guarding your signature, and being vigilant about signing contracts. 


In a consumer study by Deloitte, 90% of consumers don't read the terms and conditons of online contracts.   This number is too elevated and risky and should be lower than expected. Consumers wonder why we're in the mess of today, it's all because we accept contracts at face value and never read them.  Some consumers believe instant gratification is worth way more than a contract that's detrimental.


Below are 4 valuable tools that could guide you to read before you sign. 


Prepare to sign a contract


Give yourself plenty of time to plan how and when you want to make an important purchase.  Knowing what you want, down to the minor details will assit you during signing. It's best to take note and write down what you expect to happen.  Then you're able to spot when your not getting what you want, because you have all the details right in front of you.  


How much time do you have to review your contract?


When searching to purchase a home, in the process you have at least 3 days by law to view a contract.  It simple for buying a home or is it?  Is three days really enough time to understand a 30 year mortgage?  What about an auto loan?  How many days do you have to view a contract when purchasing a vehicle?  From my experience none!  You spend all day at the dealership for all the wrong reasons.  Most of the time it's not reviewing your contract with the seller.  The all day comes from searching for someone to finance you to give you a bad contrtact. 


Therefore, don't be in a hurry to get finaincing, be in a hurry to read the contract.  In my time of having cars, I haven't run into anyone who was able to take home an auto loan contract for review.  This should not be a rare find.  I'm also a victim of not reading the contract, your not alone.  Even to pre qualify for a loan, what about that contract?  Is anyone reading the terms and coditons to pre qualify?  If your thinking this could be a lost cause, read until the end.  There's a solution to the problem at the end of this blog.  


In the meantime, contact the dealership before making the trip, and ask can you view the contract at home. I can't wait for you to get your answer!   Finding out more about the contract is better than leaving with a high interest rate, a high car note, with a large down payment.  Your giving the dealership salesmen his paycheck, so your in charge. 



Avoid Signing One Sided Contracts


Contracts can come in the form of sharks.  Although you see the shark you remain in the water.  It hits you so fast that you don't see it coming and after that its over.  That's probably how you feel when signing a one sided contract. 


The definition of a one sided contract is it only supports one side.  For the most part its the seller. The deal is unfair from the start.  It's called a Unilatteral contract.  Negotiating a contract is a right that a consumer should have, but its widely known intimidation is included with this type of contract.  Stand up and have confidence to question and request that the contract be reviewed before your valued signature is upon the contract. 


Value your signature


The signature!  It's the supreme element of your being.  Every seller would love to place you in debt with your own signautre.  Our signatures should be treated like royalty.  We value our private spaces we hold dear to us, why not value the signature?  The signature is how a contract is binding.  Shouldn't you be careful of what your bound to?  Imagine being bound to something so dreadful, that it's impossible to escape because you signed your name without reading the contract.  Now your bound to fullfill the contract. 


Always, guard your signature, its value is worth more than gold, fiat currency, and much more. Your signature is what they're after, not you. 



A Solution to Failure to Read Before you Sign


The problem with contracts is that, people have this idea to go to a lawyer.  Of course you should go to one, but there is a solution before you get there.   


Let me introduce a product that will assist you with your contract.   A detailed summary is given, defining all the difficult words, relieving you of intimidation and feeling bullied.  Especially when it's time to sign a contract.  Wouldn't it be nice to sign a contract with confidence?   Knowing you signed the contract because you wanted to?  Not because you felt forced?  Would you like the option to know if you need a lawyer, or to decline or accept the contract?  How aobut a plan that lets you have an assurance, that when you need to sign a contract your in good hands like Allstate?  


Look no further than Geeks Are Women Too.  Contact us today to schedule a free consult to talk about how you can keep your valued signature and only give it to who's worthy of it. Let's get together for a short but informative talk, about our contract & review service.  How our services can help you avoid signing one sided contracts. 


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