Hello, and Welcome to Geeks Are Women Too! I'm Natalie the founder.


I began the business in 2016 after I was laid off from a trucking company in Doraville, Georgia. I started as a cashier and accounting clerk. Shortly after some years, I was promoted to Inventory management.  When they paid me severance and unemployment, this was the moment Geeks Are Women Too came to life. 


Usually, when I say the name "Geeks Are Women Too", everyone either laughs or says, "Wow! thats a unique name".  That's exactly the response I wanted!  A unique business and name that would stand out from the crowd.  I thought about people, customers, clients, and anyone who needed assistance with starting or running a business. This is how I came up with the name, especially since I was always tech savy.  Originally, I was going to go to school for web design, but I was called back to my hometown of Chicago.  It was then I took a different direction. 


When I started building the business in Chicago, a close friend was running their business and I noticed they spent lots of money on inventory, but had little profit left.  At that time I started going online looking up ways to help them budget. That's when I realized the entire time I was in Georgia I worked in accounting and could use the skill.  So, it only made since to become certified in bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online.  Not only did she need assistance with her books she also needed a website.  I volunteered to make their website for a fraction of the cost.  I never went to school for web design, but I taught myself how to build web builder websites for friends and family.  I found it was a valuable skill, so I added this skillful feature to my business.  This about page and the entire website was designed by me with web builder tools.


In my younger days, working in the corporate world, I worked for many lawfirms as a receptionist and legal secretary.  I kept those jobs for over half of my career along with raising two children.  This is how I began to study contracts.  I completed a contract law course at Havard University online, and I continue my educational experince daily. I felt it necessary to assist business owners with all the tools they needed, but never had time to learn or complete.  This is where Geeks Are Women Too begins, with you.


If you're here at the end of this about section, I want to thank you so much for choosing Geeks Are Women Too.  It was a great pleasure meeting you and I surely look forward to our journey together.  It's destiny. 


PS. If there's anything we can do for you, please click the button below or view the footer and other pages, and I shall speak with you soon!



Geeks Are Women Too

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